What is Daddy Smm Panel ?

Daddy SMM Panel is a social media promotion services seller from 2018 .

Refund policies ?

We refund the payment if we cannot completed any order delivery . EXAMPLE you buy 1000 subscribers and we did not completed it then we will refund due to    overload servers issues . 

2: If we delivered our service then drop issue founded only claims will accepted of REFILL nor Refund .

Note : Refund only in panel account private account refund not applicable .

Drop then start counter ?

If someone placed any order and our service mention there start counter then if your quantity will drop less then start counter we will never cancelled the order nor refund in any case . 

NOTE : For cancellations or for REFILL your quantity must be plus by the start counter . 

Head-Depart ?

If your order was older then 24hours and not started then text us or open a ticket before 24H do not sent us message or ticket even mention time is 0-1Hrs .

We always try to our best to start any order before 24H but sometime servers need some more time to get it started so that is way . 

Cancellation ?

Cancellation process required 48-72H FOR START

Refill need 48-72H FOR START

What is partial completed ?

When servers are too much busy and can't provide refill or fully delivery then order will be partial completed . After partial completed we cannot delivered more any service and remains fund will be refunded back into customer panel account . 
For example : You have buy 1000 followers we delivered 200 followers another 800 will be partial if means we just charge only for 200 followers which we have provide another 800 fund will be reverse credits . 
NOTE : After one partial done we will never refill nor refund more because partial is the last step .

NOTE :( Inactive Account Law and Legal Definition ) An inactive account is a saving account without any activity. In an inactive account, no transaction will occur for a specified or significant period of time. There should not be any deposit or withdrawal in an inactive account during the dormant period. we terminate account permanently or remove full of fund from the account . 

Dormant / Unclaimed Accounts

All depository accounts like Current/Saving/BBA etc., which are not operated upon by the account holders for a period of one month, will be classified as dormant. This entails certain restrictions on the operation of such accounts. Credit entries will be allowed without changing the dormancy status of such accounts. Debit transactions/ withdrawals will not be allowed until the account holder requests for activation of account and produces attested copy of his/her CNIC/SNIC, or Pakistan Origin Card (POC) or National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP)...., if already not available, and bank is satisfied with CDD of the customer. After passing subsequent 1 years in the dormancy status, i.e., if an account is not operated upon by a customer for a continuous period of 1 years,but our 30 days , it will be classified as unclaimed deposit account and will be surrendered to SBP as per the provisions (section 31) of Banking Companies Ordinance 1962.


For api direct contact via WhatsApp or scan the qr code . 

We always gave friendly support .

our working time given below . 

                           WORKING TIME                           

                   10:00 A.M TO 09:30 P.M                        

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